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Cherry Hill, NJ


Posted: 2255 days ago

We have 3 kids, (boy 5, boy 3, girl 1) - We started sending our oldest to JUST CHILDREN in 2012 when he was just 3 months old. As I would imagine that any new parent would feel, we were nervous and excited at the same time. From the first day of drop off the director Suzanne and all the teachers and staff were so welcoming and really took their time making us and our baby feel right at home. When I left there I remember saying to my wife “I think our baby is in better hands then if he was with us”. What a wonderful feeling to a new parent! We had such a great experience with our first child that we decided to follow suit with our next two children. Having friends and family with experience in the childcare field, I was so impressed by how happy all of the teachers and employees are. You can really tell that they love their jobs and are committed to giving the children and families a great experience. Our kids talk about their teachers on the weekends, and talk about the things they do during the day. We can tell that they are doing a lot of interactive activities with teachers and other kids. They come home singing new songs that they learned and talking about different things activities they do at JUST CHILDREN. Our oldest is a little shy, but somehow they get him to sing loud and clear at the Holiday Concerts they perform for the parents which are so cute and very well done. Every day when we pull into the parking lot all of our kids have big smiles on their faces, I think that says it all!!!!!!!!!

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